🏊‍♀️ Private Swimming Lessons - Learn with Experts! 🏊‍♂️

🌟 Established in 2013, Saigon Swimming Center has been transforming non-swimmers into confident swimmers. Join us and dive into a world of skill and fun!

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🌊 Swimming Lessons for Everyone! Swimming is not just refreshing; it’s an essential life skill. Whether you’re new to swimming or want to refine your techniques, our private lessons are tailored for you.

💪 Benefits of Private Swim Lessons

  1. Personalized Attention: Get dedicated instruction from qualified swim coaches.
  2. Customized Curriculum: Tailor-made lessons to meet your goals.
  3. Flexibility: Set lesson times that fit your schedule.
  4. Increased Confidence: Build your water confidence and have fun.
  5. Safety: Acquire crucial skills for water safety.

🌞 Swimming Enhances Mood Swimming releases endorphins, boosting your mood. It’s not just a workout; it’s a happiness booster!

👏 “I worried about learning swimming for the first time, but the expert instructor helped me learn freestyle in a month! I’ll be tackling breaststroke next. The manager is kind too. Swimming is super fun!” – Hyein Kim, our happy student.

🌊 Our Advantages of Private Swimming Class

  • Swimming Lesson with Guarantee Service
  • 1-on-1 or Group Lessons
  • Flexible Schedule: 2-3 times/week
  • Certified Professional Instructors (Both Genders)
  • You Choose the Schedule, Pool, and Instructor!

💰 Price Table of Private Swimming Course (10 times per course, 1 hour per time)

>>> 1 on 1: 3,000,000 VND 

>>> 1 on 2 or 3: 4,900,000 VND 

>>> 1 on 4: 6,000,000 VND

🔗 Note: Lessons do not include pool tickets for teacher and student. We adapt to your pool or recommend one for you.

📆 Swimming Lesson Schedule: 1 week, 2-3 lessons per week, 1 hour per session.

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Don’t miss the chance to become a confident swimmer. Call us today and take the plunge into the world of swimming excellence!