Terms and Conditions for Swimming Lessons – Saigon Swim School

    1. All the terms below apply to every swimming course offered by Saigon Swim School. By accessing and using the website dayboisaigon.com, users agree to comply with the stated terms. Once a student agrees to the swimming conditions and terms of Saigon Swim School, the student or registrant agrees to adhere to all these conditions and terms without exception.
    2. We reserve the right to change, update, or modify the terms, and students are responsible for regularly reviewing the terms. All content on dayboisaigon.com is the intellectual property of Nguyễn Văn Cường, including text, images, multimedia. Unauthorized use, copying, or distribution of content is strictly prohibited.
    3. Please adhere to the pool rules when entering the pool and take responsibility for your safety. Inform us or the instructor about any pre-existing health conditions, and take responsibility for these conditions when attending swimming lessons.
    4. Students swimming with Saigon Swim School instructors take responsibility for their health and assume all related risks. Students (or parents, if the student is under 18) agree not to hold us responsible for any health or safety consequences during swimming lessons.
    5. We reserve the right to unilaterally terminate services and not refund any amount if the student or parent violates these regulations, terms, or engages in inappropriate behavior that affects the reputation, health, dignity, and property of others, or violates the law during swimming lessons.
    6. Before learning to swim, absolutely do not jump into the water without a guardian, lifeguard, or directly supervised instructor present.
    7. One swimming session is counted for learning one swimming style (for regular swimming courses) or a comprehensive training session for multiple swimming styles (for advanced courses, per session).
    8. Do not enter the water before the instructor allows the student to do so. Absolutely do not go to the deep end of the pool (beyond the student’s head) without knowing how to swim or without a float and safety measures.
    9. Eat and drink at least 1 hour before the swimming session. Do not consume alcohol before swimming.
    10. Children under 18 must have a parent or guardian supervise their swimming lessons throughout the learning process. Students (or accompanying parents if the student is a child) are responsible for the student’s health during swimming. There is a rescue team and lifeguard at the pool, responsible for the safety of swimmers in the pool. If learning at home, the student or guardian (if the student is under 18) takes responsibility for the student’s safety. We are not responsible for any health-related incidents at the pool.
    11. Tuition does not include the pool entry fees for the instructor and student. Please purchase pool entry for both the instructor and student (if applicable).
    12. Students are allowed to miss and reschedule no more than 05 lessons. The total duration of the course, from the registration date, should not exceed 02 months. After this period, the course is no longer valid. To continue learning, please register for a new swimming course (with a 20% discount for returning students).
    13. When a student wants to skip a lesson, please notify the instructor at least 2 hours before the lesson, and it must be confirmed by the instructor (via text, phone call, etc.). If not reported or reported later than the specified time, the lesson is considered attended.
    14. During the course, if there are any complaints about the course quality, or if a student needs to suspend the course for more than 5 sessions with a valid reason, please contact directly the hotline 0984 312821 – Cường for appropriate arrangements. We are not responsible if information is not received directly.
    15. If a valid suspension is agreed upon (with evidence in written form through text messages or email), the suspension period should not exceed 6 months from the registration date. After this period, the course becomes invalid.
    16. For refund requests:
      Only applicable within 2 months from the registration date. After this period, the swimming course is no longer valid, and we will not entertain any refund requests.
      If you haven’t attended any sessions: We will refund 80% of the amount you paid.
      If you only attended the first session:
      For children under 7 not suitable for swimming, tested in the water, or too afraid to learn: we will refund 100% of the tuition fee.
      Other cases: We will refund 70% of the amount paid.
      For students who have attended more than 1 session: We will refund 70% of the remaining tuition fee (after deducting the fee for the sessions attended).
      Confirmation time for requests: As we need to cross-check with the instructor (1-3 days), approximately 1-3 days after receiving the refund request, we will confirm with you.

      Refund time: 7-10 days from the date of receiving confirmation from us, through bank transfer.

    17.  For the commitment to Quality Swimming Lessons or Guaranteed Swimming Ability at Saigon Swim School:
       The specific number of attended sessions is as follows:
      For the 12-session per-session course: counted as 12 sessions (Vietnamese students) or 10 sessions (non-Vietnamese citizens).
      For the quality commitment course (not per session): the fee is converted for 10 sessions.

    18. For the commitment to Quality Swimming Lessons or Guaranteed Swimming Ability at Saigon Swim School:

Quality Commitment or Guaranteed Swimming Ability means that after the course, the student can swim the length of a normal pool (about 20m) without assistance from a float or touching the pool bottom. This condition only applies to Vietnamese people.

For the Quality Commitment Course (Vietnamese students): We only commit to quality for students who meet the following conditions:

  • Students aged 07 and above, up to 60 years old.
  • Comfortable in water, enjoys swimming.
  • Normal health.
  • Passed the instructor’s test on the first day and agreed to join the class (this water test is crucial).

Any other cases (Vietnamese students) will attend a 12-session course (counted per session, no quality commitment).

Foreigners will attend a per-session course (10 sessions, each session is 1 hour).


Wishing you an enjoyable and effective swimming course! 

Saigon Swim School