Private Swimming Lessons 1 on 1, to your pool or near you!

🏊‍♀️🌊 Private Swimming Course in Ho Chi Minh City – Learn to Swim with Confidence!

Are you looking to master the art of swimming?
Look no further!

Saigon Swimming Center, established in 2013, has been a trusted name in providing top-notch private swimming lessons.
Our experienced instructors have helped thousands of students of all ages become skilled swimmers.

Why Choose Our Private Swimming Lessons?

🌟 Personalized Attention: Our 1-on-1 private swimming lessons offer individualized guidance from expert instructors, ensuring a tailored learning experience.

🌟 Flexible and Convenient: Whether it’s to your own pool or a nearby one, we bring the lessons to you. With flexible scheduling options, you can choose times that suit your busy lifestyle.

🌟 Boosted Confidence: Our private lessons boost your water confidence, helping you overcome any fears and become a proficient swimmer.

🌟 Expert Instructors: Our instructors are certified professionals with a passion for teaching. They cater to your goals and needs, making learning enjoyable and effective.

🌟 Safety First: Learning to swim is not only about fun but also safety. Gain essential water safety skills that are crucial for a lifetime.

🌟 Improved Mood: Dive into a happier you! Swimming releases endorphins, enhancing your mood and overall well-being.

🌟 Real Student Success: “Very nice. I learned swimming for the first time, so I worried about it. But the instructor is an expert, and I can do freestyle in a month! Swimming is very, very fun!” – Hyein Kim, our Korean student.

Our Offerings:

🏊‍♀️ Private 1-on-1 Lessons: 3.000.000 vnd/10 times

  • English-speaking instructor
  • 10 lessons, 1 hour each
  • Flexible schedule
  • Learn in your own pool or a nearby one

💪 1-on-2 or 1-on-3 Lessons: 4.900.000/10 times

  • Learn with friends
  • 10 lessons, 1 hour each
  • Save 25% compared to 1-on-1
  • English-speaking instructor

👥 1-on-4 Lessons: 6.000.000vnd/10 times

  • Group learning for more savings
  • 10 lessons, 1.5 hours each
  • Save 50% compared to 1-on-1
  • Save 33% compared to 1-on-2 or 1-on-3

📣 Register Now and Dive In!

Please note: Our swimming lessons do not include pool tickets for instructors and students. Depending on your preference, you can choose a recommended pool or use your own. Lessons are typically scheduled as 2-3 sessions per week, each lasting 1 hour.

👉 Ready to take the plunge? Register now for your Private Swimming Course! Zalo or Call/Text 0984 312821 (Mr. Cuong) for Instruction of next steps.
Our qualified instructors will come to your pool for a personalized learning journey! 🏊‍♂️🌟